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People Purpose Planning

People Purpose Planning is a consultancy practice led by Robert Laycock. Download CV.

People Purpose Planning aims to support arts, cultural and third sector organisations to achieve high performance by focusing on their people, their purpose and the effectiveness of their planning processes.

We work with leaders, and their staff teams, boards and other key stakeholders to:

  • Strengthen business planning processes to ensure organisational energy and resources are focused on achieving mission.
  • Develop robust financial plans, including, where appropriate, applying the principles of Full Cost Recovery.
  • Develop funding models and fundraising strategy.
  • Support submission of strategic funding bids.
  • Build fundraising capacity and capability.
  • Develop leadership and management capability, particularly through coaching and mentoring.
  • Support organisational development and change.
  • Strengthen governance.

Robert also co-leads Yes We Can developing leaders of social change in the north east.

People Purpose Planning can support your organisation to achieve high performance through developing your organisation in any or all of the areas listed below:

Objective Outcome
PURPOSE - achieve clarity of purpose Creation of a compelling Vision and Mission
CONTEXT - understand the environment you operate in Clear articulation of operating environment - now and into the future - policy, funding, customers, partners, collaborators, competitors
DIRECTION - establish a clear strategic direction Established medium and long term objectives to pursue Mission / Vision
RISK - have a clear understanding of the risks and a plan in place to manage them Risk management system in place
CAPACITY - turn ideas into action - align delivery with capacity Clear alignment between delivery and personnel capacity
COMMUNICATION - communicate what you want to do effectively Marketing and communications strategy and action plan
MONEY - understand the financial implications Development of appropriate and robust financial management systems
OBJECTIVES - create a plan of action Established multi-year, annual, quarterly SMART objectives (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound) that synchronise with team and individual objectives
STAFF - maximise the performance of individuals and teams Performance management toolkit / framework
PLANNING - write a robust Business Plan A realistic, live document that empowers the organisation to achieve its ambitions
GOVERNANCE - strengthen the non-executive board Strategy for board development

Styles of support include

  • One-to-one consultation (Director,Chief Executive, senior management levels)
  • Group workshops (senior management teams, specific working groups, full staff teams, board/staff teams)
  • Desk-based research and reviews (strategic/business plans, performance management processes, market research, finance systems, governance guidelines)
  • Access to best-practice toolkits/knowledge banks
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring (Director, Chief Executive level)

About Robert Laycock

Robert Laycock

After a short period working in the finance sector and in outdoor event management, I studied Fine Art at Northumbria University graduating in 1993. Fascinated by the nature of leadership and organisation in civil society - and the role of artists and arts organisations within that realm - I have spent the last 22 years working across the arts, public and third sectors as an arts practitioner, volunteer, frontline worker, project manager, director, chief executive and trustee. During this time it has been a great privilege to work with some truly inspirational leaders, organisations and practitioners working tirelessly to tackle some of our society's most challenging issues including homelessness, raising aspirations and improving outcomes for disadvantaged young people, improving the health and well being of older people, developing the potential of people with special educational needs, and supporting people in the community with severe and enduring mental health problems.

In my experience, in every context, the effectiveness of this work always boils down to people – their passion and commitment to making a difference and their shared sense of purpose. In the arts, public and third sectors this passion is in abundance. So why are we sometimes so poor at harnessing this resource to achieve an even greater impact?

My fascination with the nature of leadership and organisation in civil society grows stronger and my ambition is to contribute effectively to the development of both.

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