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People Purpose Planning

People Purpose Planning aims to support arts, cultural and third sector organisations to achieve high performance by focusing on their people, their purpose and the effectiveness of their planning processes.


How does what you do relate to the worlds you operate in? How well do you understand your environment?
How up to date is your knowledge of public policy in the areas that relate to your mission?
Who is currently funding the work you do? Who might fund your work in the future?
Who are your key customers?
Who else could you work with to achieve your mission – as partners or collaborators? Who shares your vision?
Who might compete with you – for resources, customers or service users?

Once we understand – and are eloquent at describing to others – what we do (mission) and why we do it (vision), we need a clear, informed understanding of the environment we operate within in order to maximise our impact. If we can’t see the wood for the trees, how can we plan our route?

For arts, cultural and third sector organisations the context of the work is often a complex one with a disorientating mix of government policy drivers, funder-led initiatives and priorities, customer, consumer and user demand, and competition from other institutions, organisations and providers.

In order to plan strategically, therefore, a depth of understanding about the interplay between these external dynamics – and the opportunities and threats they present – is essential.

I have experience of designing and implementing research activity – including bespoke market research and in-depth stakeholder analysis – that will greatly enhance your understanding of the worlds in which you operate in order to inform the right strategic direction for your organisation.