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People Purpose Planning

People Purpose Planning aims to support arts, cultural and third sector organisations to achieve high performance by focusing on their people, their purpose and the effectiveness of their planning processes.


The effectiveness of non-executive boards is key to the success of any charitable organisation.

High performing boards add considerable value in key strategic areas such as financial planning, fundraising, public relations and policy influence – whilst adequate or poor performing boards can become a ‘rubber-stamping’ function or worse still, a hindrance to the performance of the organisation.

So, we need to be INFORMED about the responsibilities of the role from the outset; CLEAR about the skills and profile of individuals we need; ROBUST in advertising and recruitment practices; COMMITTED to the development of board members through induction processes, use of Sub-Groups and Away Days; and CREATIVE about how we meaningfully involve trustees in our organisations – most of whom give their time for free – in ways that excite and energise them too.

With my experience as Chief Executive of a charity and Chair of another I can provide support in the following areas:

  • Auditing existing board members to identify skill/knowledge/experience gaps.
  • Board recruitment methodology.
  • Board induction processes.
  • General information on board roles and responsibilities – including honorary officers – and sign-posting to further information.