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People Purpose Planning

People Purpose Planning aims to support arts, cultural and third sector organisations to achieve high performance by focusing on their people, their purpose and the effectiveness of their planning processes.


Business planning presents both an opportunity and a threat.

The threat is we waste precious hours (days in fact!) creating a document for the wrong reasons – usually to meet the needs of a third party. The formal Business Plan, having met the short term need, then sits on a shelf gathering dust whilst we get on with business. Let’s be honest, many leaders resent having to do them and struggle to see the added value.

The opportunity, however, is to realise the potential of a dynamic, integrated and people-centred business plan that brings together all your best organisational thinking and analysis in one place, providing a clear and compelling vision of the future and, most importantly, an action plan to get you there. In my view a business plan is as good as the thinking it captures and the action plan that flows from that thinking.

The key is ownership; we need business plans that are ours, that state our ambition on our terms and map out the route we plan to take. Interestingly, in my experience this also meets, and often exceeds, the requirements of third parties too…

I can help you create a realistic, live business plan that empowers your organisation to achieve its ambitions.